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The resources page is provided to offer more in depth discussions of the technologies that make up WinGate. The material in the papers below will prove useful to provide a more complete and thorough understanding of how WinGate works, and how this technology can benefit many networks and companies.

  • Dynamic Binding in WinGate 6.0
    WinGate 6.0 introduces a new way of creating associations between internet services, and interfaces and port numbers. The new Dynamic Binding system is a policy-based system, which allows system administrators to implement plain english policies for how to provide service to clients, based on simple concepts about usage of network interfaces, whilst providing a high level of flexibility, and an ability to adapt to changes in the network environment.
  • Setting up and using WinGate 6 Mail - Concepts, Features and Configurations
    This is an updated and expanded version of the previous WinGate Mail Server document, and deals exclusively with WinGate 6 Mail. It includes everything from basic email concepts, to a comprehensive overview of WinGate 6 Mail's feature set, through to advanced network configurations into which WinGate 6 Mail Server can be integrated.
  • Understanding WinGate VPN
    An explanation of setting up a Virtual Private Network using WinGate VPN.
  • Setting up WinGate 5 Mail
    This document shows how you can integrate WinGate 5 Mail into a variety of different network scenarios.
  • Internet Management Through WinGate
    Learn about how WinGate can be used to manage and control the integrity of a shared Internet connection.
  • WinGate's Winsock Redirector Protocol Overview
    A comparison between the relative benifits of NAT, WRP and Socks, giving some specific details on how and why WRP came about.
  • How NAT Works
    An explanation of Network Address Translation (NAT) technology and what makes it such a useful innovation for networks.
  • WinGate Routing Paper
    Everything you've ever wanted to know about IP Routing!
  • Transparent Redirect
    A discussion of the benefits of using Transparent Redirection to make network administration faster and easier.
  • Understanding WinGate Mail Security
    A discussion about what email security actually is, with explanations and reasons to help you choose which implementation options to use with WinGate mail.