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Lumen for WinGate

For WinGate 9 only, not compatible with WinGate 8 or earlier

Lumen for WinGate is an optional add-on to WinGate 9 which provides URL classification for use in web access control rules.

Compared to managing lists of permitted or blocked sites, controlling access by category saves administrators a lot of work, and reduces problems associated with missed sites

With Lumen for WinGate, WinGate can access a database with:

  • Over 32 Billion URLs/Domains classified
  • Over 180 content-related and 14 security-related categories
  • Over 99% of the active web categorized
  • Over 20 Billion transactions per day
  • over 500,000 sensors/collection points, and over 800 Million global endpoints covered
  • Over 150 Million threats blocked every day

A built-in updater downloads database updates several times a day from the back end system, which runs over 80 different content analysis engines, backed up by a team of reviewers to keep the database up to date and accurate.