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At Qbik we value our own privacy, and we therefore respect the privacy of our customers. Accordingly we undertake to treat any personal information that you give us with the respect it deserves. We will not provide your personal information to third parties, nor will we use the personal information you provide us for anything other than providing the services to which you explicity agree.

Educational and Not-for-profit customers

We have a programme that encourages educational and not-for-profit organisations to use WinGate. We offer a standard 35% discount from list prices for educational institutions, and a 25% discount from list prices for not-for profit organisations. If you wish to be considered for discounted pricing please contact our sales department.

Refunds policy

We encourage all customers to take advantage of the free 30 day trial that is available on all our products, and thereby satisfy themselves that the software is suitable for their purposes prior to making any financial transaction. However in some circumstances we accept that a refund is appropriate. If you wish to be considered for a refund of the purchase price of your software where that software was purchased through us directly, then you should contact our sales department with details of your purchase (including any keys) and state your reasons for wishing a refund.