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Activation/license troubles: what next?

There are possibly a couple of reasons you may have trouble activating a license. If there is a problem with the license iteself, activation may be denied, or if you don't have access to the Internet from the machine you are trying to activate WinGate VPN on, you may have to contact us for an activation file.

The Qbik license management software has the capability to provide you an activation request, which can be emailed to us at activation@qbik.com. To access this, follow these instructions

1. go into the license management client, and proceed as if you were activating a license online
2. once you enter the activation part, you will see a "configure" button. Click this
3. select "email activation", and click OK
4. proceed with the activation.

The software will then generate an encoded request, which contains the information we need to generate an activation file which will work on your machine. You need to email us this file at activation@qbik.com. More details are available in the license management software itself.

If you are able to access our activation server, yet your license is not activated, a reason should be given to you by our server. For instance, if the license you are trying to activate had already been upgraded, it is no longer eligible to be used. Contact our sales department at eSupportSales@qbik.com for more information on how to proceed in these circumstances.