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Download and try the latest WinGate 9 free for 30 days.

Select a WinGate license

Each installation of WinGate requires its own license.

WinGate is licensed based on the number of different users who will be concurrently connected to WinGate. This differs from many other gateway products which are often licensed based on a per-seat basis. Since not everyone is using the Internet all the time, with WinGate you therefore get a much higher effective license count.

Ask us about our Educational and Not-for-profit / Governmental discounts.

Important Notes:
WinGate supports a free 10 user license, feature-equivalent to a WinGate Standard license supporting 10 concurrent users, plus a WinGate VPN Single user license.
The three types of WinGate license (Standard, Professional, and Enterprise) have different features.

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