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Will I need to change my configuration?

Upgrading to WinGate 8

WinGate 8 will retain all existing settings from WinGate 7 except for HTTP cache settings.

Upgrading to WinGate 7

WinGate 7 has undergone a massive evolution from version 6. There are several areas where reconfiguration will be required.

See the following online help topic for more information.

Upgrading to WinGate 6

If you are upgrading from a previous release of WinGate 6.0, there should be no configuration changes required.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, depending on the version you are upgrading from, most of your settings will be carried forwards. There may be some changes required to adapt to several new key ways WinGate 6.0 functions. These are detailed below.

Changes associated with WinGate 6.0's new Dynamic Binding System

Because WinGate 6.0 now dynamically adapts to changes in the networking configuration of your computer, the way services are associated with interfaces had to change. Bindings in services moved from a static system of binding to fixed IP addresses, to using a policy to automatically create and destroy bindings depending on what interfaces are available at any time. Therefore, it may be necessary after upgrading to WinGate 6.0, to do the following:

  • Check adapter usage. In GateKeeper, on the Network tab, there is now a Network Connections panel. This shows all adapters recognised by WinGate, and how they are to be treated. If the adapter usage is incorrect for any adapter, it must be changed in order for WinGate to function correctly. To do this, simply double-click on the adapter concerned.
  • Check service binding policies. Where you previously had any services that bound to more than one interface, a policy will have been created by default to bind only to internal adapters. If you were previously using some services in WinGate from an external network, you will need to modify the binding policy for those services to make them available from external networks again.

Changes associated with WinGate 6.0's new Gateway Selection System

WinGate 6.0 uses a different method of specifying which services should use which Internet connections. In prior versions, an approximation at this was made, by pre-binding connections to a specified local interface. However, this system didn't take into account multiple gateways available on a single interface, nor did they work well with more than one connection. To overcome this, Gateway Selection was introduced in WinGate 6.0 to more accurately and effectively use multiple Internet connections, providing a greater level of control over the actual use of the connections, allowing for multiple gateways on a single interface, and also monitoring gateway performance to enable fallback to an alternative connection in case of gateway failure.

This means that the Interfaces tab in a service configuration has been replaced by a Gateways tab. Since Interfaces previously were specified on a completely different basis to the way Gateways now are, it was not possible to automatically migrate settings to the new system. Therefore if you were using multiple Internet connections, you should check your service Gateways tab to ensure it is configured how you wish.

Changes associated with WinGate 6.0's new Email System

Substantial changes were made to WinGate's email system from WinGate version 5.x. Most notably the concept of domains owning email addresses. Every effort was made to ensure that previous mail configurations would operate in the same way with WinGate 6.0, by way of some fairly complicated configuration migration code. Nevertheless, it would pay to check mail domain, address (previously alias) settings to ensure continued operation in the desired manner.