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Download and try the latest WinGate 9 free for 30 days.

About the free license

Installation video

How to get your free WinGate license:

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The free license is available for users of WinGate 7.2 and later. It is feature-equivalent to a WinGate Standard license, but for 10 concurrent users, and with several restrictions:

  1. The free license cannot be combined with any other WinGate license
  2. The license activation file for the free license will not work on versions of WinGate prior to 7.2

Like all our licenses, including trial licenses, the free license requires activation

What you do get is all the features of Standard for 10 concurrent users.

Existing users of the free 3 user license: Simply re-activate your existing free license, or activate a new free license to update to 10 concurrent users.

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