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The Wingate proxy server has proven to be a cost-effective solution to our needs. Not only does the product install easily, but works extremely well. Qbik software upgrades are consistent and, likewise, install flawlessly. On several occasions, we have requested technical support for some of the advanced features that Wingate has to offer. Responsive and knowledgeable, the company's support staff timely handled issues that exceeded our internal capabilities. Their people truly went beyond the call of duty to solve our concerns. Their ongoing follow-up is equally impressive, making certain that everything they provide to us continues to perform perfectly. With the quality of its products, service, and technical support, Security Technologies offers the highest of recommendations to this company

Larry DeGeorge
Security Technologies

B.I.R.D. Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Costozza - Vicenza near Venice in Italy. The aim of BIRD is to study rare diseases and help people affected from these diseases. We have a little network with more or less 20 PCs and some Macs. One Win2003 server offers file sharing, database, print resources, mail server, Internet access, etc... We use WinGate to share Internet access and rely on the integrated firewall to protect the network from Internet attack. In the server we have two NICs, one connected to the Internet through a router and one to the network. In the foundation there isnt a Sys-admin available all day to solve problems (I'm a volunteer so during the day I work in another company), so it's very important to trust the reliability of the software running on the network. We are very confident in WinGate, we don't have any problems or crashes in the system and more importantly, people surf the net!

Eric Cenzon

"I don't think I have ever used networking software which was so simple to configure right out of the box. I basically told the WinGate server to "Go" and it just worked (it's one of those things you are almost sure won't work because you did not need to reboot 15 times to get it working). It is so infrequent in the IT world that you find a program which has so much power and configurability that it just works when you really need it to. I was also impressed about how WinGate handled so many different types of traffic. I know WinGate is primarily used to connect to the internet, but when used for MS Exchange mail traffic and Citrix connections I think it functioned perfectly. We transferred over 4GB of incoming traffic and 1GB of outgoing traffic in about 3 hours to approximately 50 clients in which almost every connection was continuous in nature, the server never missed a beat. As far as reliability and configurability, I could not ask for more."

Tim Kramer
IT Analyst
Knight LLC

Now this is the product i've been waiting for. WinGate has always provided a simple easy to use solution and now an increase in speed, good cooperation with Active directory and good compliance with Linux workstations. No complicated rules and policies like ISA server. I implement complete internet and intranet solutions in all sorts of companies, and it takes me only two to three hours to instruct system administrators to work with WinGate. I've always been charmed by software that is easy to use for my customers for then they have less trouble and they don't have to contact me over and over again. The combination with Kaspersky makes the network as safe as a german tiger tank. Constructing a DMZ is easy to achieve and easy to explain. Your VPN solutions are simple to implement yet safe and stable.This is the best internet acces solution i have ever used.

Rens Klumper